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Fuse includes tools that make data management easier, but it also scales to meet the level of data acquisition that organizations require. In addition to database capacity to meet your needs, Fuse uses an analytics processing language that allows health systems to handle large amounts of data in memory with extremely fast response times. These fast response times are what facilitate our ability to process over 3 billion clinical transactions and parse nearly 200 million C-CDAs per year, supporting more than 67,000 providers across 280 different vendor systems.

Fuse operates with what we call a "conveyor" methodology, which supports the simple approach of acquiring data once for many uses.

How Fuse Processes Data

Fuse Data Process - Fuse processes healthcare data, using support from FHIR, and provides data curation through Fuse™ Policy Watch.

As the diagram above shows, data from the data lake is prepared for use in the conveyor process as a "job," which can then be requested on-the-fly and used for many purposes. Here, Fuse uses consistent, standard ontologies, including support for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), which exposes discrete data elements that are easily shared and understood by many medical systems. The Fuse conveyor provides turnkey data curation services to manage patient identity, map terminology correctly and run matches/mismatches through advanced algorithms.

The conveyor, in turn, is backed by the Fuse Policy Watch engine, which makes it possible to expose the correct data to the right person, in the context of the user’s role permissions. As healthcare organizations continue to take on and manage a variety of new programs, form new business entities, and establish new data-sharing agreements, it is critical to have a robust policy in place. Here’s the bottom line: Health systems today are faced with many regulations including HIPAA. To do that, you have to know which organizations can do what, and you don’t want to reacquire raw data every time the players change. With Fuse Policy Watch, we can help.


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Arien Malec, Vice President, Research & Development

Arien Malec leads Research & Development with RelayHealth, a healthcare information technology business unit of McKesson. Malec is also a Co-Chair of the HIT Standards Committee, a federal advisory committee that advises the National Coordinator on standards, implementation, guidance and certification criteria for health IT. He co-created CommonWell Health Alliance and was past coordinator for the Standards and Interoperability Framework and the Direct Project for the Office of the National Coordinator. Malec has 20+ years experience in standards, interoperability, and clinical informatics across a broad range of the healthcare and life sciences sectors.