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Your mission is to improve healthcare, and we want to help you achieve that goal. This resource library is designed to provide more detailed information on Fuse and a variety of topics that are impacting organizations like yours today.


What Customers are Saying About Fuse

Southern Prarie Community Care
William Muenchow, Director of Informatics & Information Systems

Southern Prairie Community Care (SPCC) is a 12 county collaboration in southwestern Minnesota. SPCC has 26,000 attributed members and saved taxpayers more than $10 million dollars in projected State spending. Fuse reduces interoperability implementation time and provides aggregated data from across multiple EMRs and data systems for care coordination and analysis.


An Overview of Fuse

Fuse Executive Brief

The Fuse Brief provides an overview of the Fuse vision and how your organization can begin using data as a strategic asset that leverages RelayHealth’s ASSET process. Fuse meets you where you are and provides a scalable data foundation that supports your evolution.

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Our Whitepaper Series

Achieving Interoperability: Changing the Course for a More Connected Future"
Data Curation. New Challenges and New Solutions
Data Storage. From Storage to Usage. How a Data Platform Can Unlock The Value of Healthcare Data
Scalable Data Acquisition: What it Means and Why You Need it Now
ADOPT Analytics: Setting the Cornerstone for a Clear Analytics Strategy

Our mission is to provide you with better data. We are excited to make available a focused series of whitepapers that span key areas of future data models  necessary to understanding and overcoming situations that can obstruct your organization’s success in the new frontier of value-based care.

We have time-tested experts and experienced researchers who curate the information you require to make the best decisions. Topics include Interoperability, Data Curation, Storage, Scalability, and  an in-depth explanation of RelayHealth’s proprietary ADOPT model for determining your organization’s data maturity.

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Collaborative Reports on Value-Based Care

Population Health: Beyond the Tipping Point

This collaboration with HealthLeaders Media report takes a deeper look into strategic initiatives that organizations like yours are putting into place to minimize risk but steadily adapt in the value-based care world.

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Creating the Data Foundation Needed for Value-Based Care

The future is upon us and healthcare is evolving. This independent HealthLeaders Media report dives deeper into the challenges ahead as we transform to a value-based care model. Check out this insightful Roundtable article to learn more from top industry professionals.

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Turning Data Challenges into Data Strategy

The new frontier in our value-based care world offers many challenges and many rewards. This Q&A with Tina Foster, Vice President of Advisory Services with RelayHealth, takes an in-depth look at the path from data to knowledge, which can help healthcare organizations turn those challenges into data strategy.

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