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The new frontier is just ahead, and you have a choice to navigate with flexible data tools that are innovative and future-focused, or wait and watch as the specifics unfold. However, the healthcare ecosystem develops, what's clear is that new payment models will rely on better outcomes for your patients.

Without a robust data strategy, your organization's ability to meet these challenges is at risk. An intelligent, information-driven enterprise is no longer optional; it is a core competency for success. Make no mistake — it's not easy, but it can be done and done well.


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Tina Foster, Vice President of Advisory Services

Tina Foster leads Advisory Services, which is a group of tenured professionals who provide extensive coaching and transformation services to healthcare organizations focused on aligned strategy at various levels, including executive oversight, tactical execution, and operational management; stakeholder coaching to develop appropriate analytics competencies to mine financial and clinical outcomes insight and convert it to action proactively with sound data science; and a dynamic, evolving blueprint dedicated to the maturity of information across the enterprise.

Data Experts in Your Back Pocket

RelayHealth advisors work with you every step of the way in establishing the data strategy and tools you need to transform your business. Our team works alongside you to align your organization around establishing an effective data-driven foundation. As part of your relationship with Fuse, our advisors help support you through planning, implementation, and productive use of the platform by helping you:

  • Determine your data goals
  • Align data elements to your business strategy
  • Craft value milestones to measure progress
  • Get up and running quickly by leveraging repeatable tools & processes
  • Review data quality and troubleshoot solutions for greater data confidence
  • Improve the flexibility and accuracy of your data
  • Mine insights to help you get to value faster

The ADOPT Analytics Maturity Scale

RelayHealth advisors meet you where you are—your people, processes, and technologies. Our approach begins by pinpointing your current level of data & analytics maturity so we can best support you. We call this model the ADOPT Analytics Maturity Scale, based on our accumulated experience across more than 500 client engagements. ADOPT encompasses five key competencies that support an information-driven culture.

ADOPT stands for...

Analysts: Team engagement and alignment to ensure analysts are qualified, competent and able to communicate effectively.
Data: Development and management of data as an asset with the goal of establishing useful data.
Optimization: Executive buy-in for transformational change.
Performance: Organizational alignment around becoming a data-driven culture.
Technology: Strategic use of functionality and applications.
ADOPT Analytics - Explore the five vital components

ADOPT Described By the Experts

ADOPT Analytics: Understanding the Framework

This collection of articles explores the five vital components used to determine the maturity of a healthcare organization’s information culture, based on RelayHealth’s ADOPT model. In an environment increasingly focused on value-based care, ADOPT helps organizations align data strategy with business needs.

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At RelayHealth, we believe that better decisions start with better data. We know that working with data is both an art and a science. Over the past 40 years, we have tackled the inherent complexity of data — from understanding the details of connecting interfaces and applying data curation logic to determining the proper use of information for analytics purposes to collaborating with clients to help drive improved outcomes. As you work with us, you benefit from the investments we've made in connecting data efficiently, on an architecture that can scale to help meet your business requirements.

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